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Privacy Policy

Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. (hereinafter “Reed Japan”) may ask you for personal information when you participate as an exhibitor, visitor in any exhibition or conferences organised by Reed Japan, or when using any other service it offers. In any of these instances Reed Japan will take the utmost care in the handling of your personal information.


1. Persons from whom personal information is collected

Reed Japan defines those listed below as “customers” under this policy and may ask for personal information.

  • Visitors and intended visitors to exhibitions
  • Exhibitors and intended exhibitors at exhibitions
  • Conference attendees
  • Conference speakers
  • Persons making enquiries
  • Respondents to surveys
  • Entrants in contests, competitions and other events
  • Press members reporting on exhibitions, conferences, etc.
  • Other persons with whom Reed Japan has made transactions or exchanged information


2. Personal information collected

Reed Japan will collect personal information from customers such as:

  • Name, company name, title or department, company/home address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, and information about business occupation, areas of interest, subscriptions to newspapers, magazines or other publications
  • Account number, credit card and other information necessary for the billing process concerning exhibitions, conferences and other services for which customers have made applications, and for the transfer process performed by Reed Japan


3. Use of personal information collected

Reed Japan may use customers’ personal information for the purposes such as:

  • Various procedures, for example: verification of customers’ applications for exhibitions, conferences and other services, delivery of admission tickets, and billing
  • Delivery of reports on the event/survey results filled out by customers, or delivery of rewards for customers
  • Improvement in exhibitions, conferences and various services, research and planning on new exhibitions, conferences and related services
  • Offering exhibiting/visiting information of registered exhibitions and conferences
  • Offering exhibiting/visiting information of exhibitions and conferences organised by Reed Japan that are considered to match customers’ interests or business occupations
  • Contacting customers out of necessity


4. Offering of personal information to third parties

Reed Japan will not offer personal information to third parties without approval of the customer concerned Reed Japan never engages in any act of selling personal information to any outside company or organisation.
However, Reed Japan may disclose personal information to a third party in the following cases:

  • When it is unavoidable to offer customer’s personal information to financial institutions or the equivalents to check the validity or authentication of a bank account or credit card with regards to Reed Japan receiving payments for exhibitions, conferences and other services.
  • When it becomes enforceable to offer personal information in accordance with laws and ordinances.
  • When Reed Japan deems it necessary to offer personal information for the purpose of protecting the rights, assets and the safety of other customers and Reed Japan itself.
  • When offering of personal information is deemed beneficial to all the participants in an exhibition or conferences in consideration of their convenience for the purposes such as:

-Encouraging companies to participate in an exhibition as exhibitors when there is high demand among visitors

-Asking exhibitors to be well prepared for visitors’ satisfaction (The reports of exhibition and conference registrants and participants may be provided.)

-Asking conference speakers to prepare and deliver lectures to satisfy the attendees

-Enhancing the information exchange among participants in reception parties

-Offering information to exhibitors or intended exhibitors in order to make decisions on joining the following year’s exhibition 

(The report after the exhibition may include company names, departments and titles of visitors anonymously.)

  • When visitors approved of exhibitors’ reading barcodes printed on admission badges.

(Approving barcode scanning is equal to providing business cards. Thus, personal information of a visitor will be disclosed to the exhibitors approved by him. Please inquire exhibitors about their privacy policies.)

  • When visitors have used “appointment system” in advance.
  • When Reed Japan is requested by the national government to offer personal information for the purpose of authentication of the number of visitors created by Japan Exhibition Certification Council.

(A polling company designated by the national government may use some visitors as samples and phone to check their attendance at an exhibition.)

  • When visitors registered or participated to the exhibitions or conferences co-organised by Reed Exhibition and the third party

(Personal information collected may be disclosed to the third party.)


5. Security measures for personal information collected

Reed Japan will implement security measures that are stringent in physical, technical and managerial terms for the purpose of preventing any loss, misuse, leakage or alteration of any personal information collected.


6. Correction or discontinuation of use of personal information

At any time customers can make a request to Reed Japan to correct their personal information. Requests can also be made to delete personal information from the database or to discontinue distribution of information on exhibitions and conferences.
With regard to discontinuing distribution of information on exhibitions and conferences, Reed Japan will meet the following requests:

  • Discontinuation of distribution of information on particular exhibitions or all exhibitions
  • Discontinuation of distribution of information by particular means (i.e. either postal service, fax or e-mail) or by all these means
  • Contact addresses shown in information documents from Reed Japan and on Reed Japan’s website can receive requests for the correction or discontinuation of the use of personal information.


7. Use of cookies

The website operated by Reed Japan may use cookies. Cookies refer to small-sized text files created automatically on customers’ computers when they visit a website and help increase the site’s convenience. Reed Japan will collect and use customers’ IP addresses for administrative purposes only, such as troubleshooting servers.


8. Contact address for enquiries about the protection of personal information

For enquiries about the protection of personal information, please contact us via

[email protected]

*Reed Japan’s website contains links to external websites. Please note that Reed Japan will not assume responsibility for protection of personal information and for contents available at link destinations.